Bay Liner 340 Details

A spacious luxury cruiser marvel, the Bay Liner 340 features a wide area cockpit which are on the same level with no steps. This gives it a larger, roomy area which is perfect for a large crew. The seat is strategically placed so that the bolster can be flipped which makes stand-up driving very comfortable. The helm of this beauty offers an extensive view of the surrounding. The seat can also be pushed back to join the cockpit seating circle.

The cabin has abundant headroom for adults and with the luxury boating services by GetmyCharter, you can enjoy all homely conveniences at your disposal to enjoy a perfect weekend.

The rear cabin has a stand-up entry, which makes it it accessible to the sleeping berth. The Bay Liner 340 also enjoys a great fuel efficient engine requiring minimal maintenance effort and maximum luxury experience.


Type Base Size Cabin Cooler Guests Day Cruising Guests Sleeping On Cruising Speed
Motor Yacht Mumbai 55 3 Yes 15 6 6