JJ Details

A marginally advanced version of the Seabird class sailboat, the JJ class of luxury sail boat has a small cabin and a seating space in the cockpit at the stern and further seating space on the deck of the boat. The JJ is ideal for those looking to charter a sailboat slightly bigger than a Seabird. The JJ can seat between 2-6 passengers comfortably. The private cabin is a charming addition compared to the Seabird and makes the JJ more preferable by passengers. You will find your absolute perfect adventure partner with the luxurious JJ class, in the company of close friends and mates. Other facilities on the JJ include a spacious private cabin, a deck area, a mini fridge and a portable toilet. A well trained qualified sailor will be your captain for the ride. And with Getmycharter, you enjoy the exceptional luxury services of the JJ sailboat.


Type Base Size Cabin A/C Guests Day Cruising Guests Sleeping On Cruising Speed
Sail Boat Mumbai 22 1 N/A 5 NA 6